Breastfeeding Food Guide

Is your baby any of these things?

  • colicky
  • fussy, even after feedings and diaper changes
  • unconsolable no matter what you do
  • crying all the time

If you are losing sleep, and frustrated that you can’t figure out why your baby is so unhappy, it might just be the food that YOU are eating.

Do you know that if you are breastfeeding, what you eat directly affects your baby?

Some babies are sensitive to certain foods in their mother’s diet.  Even if you think you are eating healthy, there are certain foods that can cause your baby to be gassy.  A gassy baby is fussy, irritable, and colicky.  You know, that baby that you can’t console no matter what you do. 

These colic-causing foods can enter your breast milk and upset your baby as early as two hours after you eat food.

A clue to food sensitivities as a cause of fussy, colicky behavior is a pattern called twenty-four-hour colic. This is an episode of hurting that occurs within twenty-four hours after the breastfeeding mother eats a suspect colic causing food(s).   The key is that it does not recur until the next time she eats the same food.  

This Breastfeeding Food Guide will help you when preparing for a newborn session and will keep your baby happy. I highly suggest if your baby is gassy, to avoid the foods mentioned 48 hours before your newborn session.

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