Studio Portraits

Studio portraits are an invaluable way to capture and preserve the precious moments of childhood. Flipping through albums of studio portraits from your youth and reminiscing about how life was is something you can enjoy as you age. Many parents invest in studio portraits to document their children’s lives, ensuring they have something to look back on years later. I personally love seeing old family portraits and videos from when my children were younger.

The question of why studio portraits are important can only be answered by your own personal experience with your family and the memories you feel when you see a photo of a relative. Studio portraits preserve these precious moments with high-quality images that last a lifetime.

Family photography is crucial because these photos are what your children and future generations will look back on. Family portraits, especially those taken in a studio, help children understand their development and the importance of family bonds. Additionally, child portraits in a professional setting capture the innocence and joy of childhood, providing a visual legacy for years to come. Investing in children photography through studio portraits is an excellent way to document your child’s growth and create lasting memories.

Do you want to start keeping memories of your family? Hopefully, these reasons why studio portraits and family portraits are important for your children have sparked a bit of inspiration for you to have your own family properly photographed. Jamie Englert Photography is a professional photographer in Glen Mills, PA. We offer family and newborn photography, specializing in stunning studio portraits. Let’s capture memories together! Get in contact today for exceptional children photography and create beautiful child portraits that you and your family will cherish forever.

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Studio Portraits: My Own Family

This is my daughter. She just graduated from 8th grade…….sad 🙁 Her middle school years are over and this is the perfect time to capture this stage of her life. I can’t believe I have another high schooler!

For me, it was time to update my children’s portraits on the walls of my own house, so this past weekend I got my daughter in my studio. We had picked out a few outfits and we went to work. I wanted something a little more dressy, and she wanted something a little more casual and on trend. We photographed several outfits and styles. Here are just a few. I love them and can’t wait to have them on my walls. Now, I need to get my son in the studio to do his portrait session. I will photograph him in the same way so that when paired next to each other as framed art on the wall in my office, they will be cohesive and compliment each other. They will look like they belong there.

Remember, children need to be photographed at all ages!

When I photograph a family in my studio, no matter what the session is, I always work with the mom to find out what she likes. I want to know her style, what colors she likes, the style and aesthetic of her home, how she decorates, etc. This allows me to photograph the session in a way that the images I produce will complement her home and style. We will also discuss where you want your session images to be displayed, whether as wall art or in an album or folio box. That is important as well. Wall art in the nursery or hallway may be different from framed art in the living room. We will discuss all of this during your session consultation to customize the perfect session and I will help you throughout the entire process.

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